Hosted at KANEKO

Saturday, November 9th, 2019

8AM – 5PM


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BarCamp Omaha isn’t one of those suit‑and‑tie networking conferences built by The Man.

Tune that bummer out, friend, because BarCamp Omaha is a “user‑generated” conference where the speakers are everyday free spirits talking about what they think is groovy. Talks aren’t scheduled or planned until right before things kick off, and anyone — flower children, hunks, heck, even squares — can give a talk.

Stoked, but feeling like taking the stage is a little too heavy? No sweat — don’t get uptight! Just come and hang loose.

At BarCamp, you won’t find a predetermined speaker list or a line of suits passing out business cards. What you will find is a mop‑top in a t‑shirt talking about moonshine, a web developer talking about the best practices in SEO, or a world traveler sharing their far‑out experiences.

BarCamp is a chance to network, learn something fab, and share what makes you feel outta sight!

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The Venue


1111 Jones St
Omaha, NE 68102

Kaneko has been the official Barcamp pad since 2014. Why? Kaneko is everything BarCamp is cruisin’ toward - local art, activity, community, and good conversation. Kaneko are a Platinum sponsor of BarCamp Omaha. Thank you to the Kaneko crew for helping make the Omaha community strong — we think you’re all pretty neato, and we ain’t joshin’ you!

The Tracks

Pick from the boss tracks below to give your talk. All topics and groovy folk are welcome, but please follow our Code of Conduct.


Churn, MRR, fundraising, audio cassette tapes, or even the lemonade stand you ran when you were a kid are all fair game. This is a hip place to talk about building far-out things and/or getting dat paper.


Designing letterpress invitations, macrame pants, slideshows of your world travels or rebranding a product? This is the track for you to share your creative accomplishments and valuable lessons, man.


Building React apps in your free time? Designed an ETL pipeline? Hacked together a Raspberry Pi temperature sensor? Ready to tell the world about touch-tone telephones? Come talk about the hardware and software that you get excited about.

Kitchen Sink

Psst. I hear you made some moonshine. This track is for all those passions that don’t quite fit the mold (just like the rest of us hep cats). Surfing the gnarly waves, urban planning in your free time, making and selling acrylic decorative grapes, and organizing your closet are all welcome topics here!


The Agenda

We may not have the skinny on the talk topics, but we are hip to the general schedule of events!


Friday, November 8th

7PM | Opening Party at TBD!

We're planning a pre-conference shindig — more details to come, can you dig it?


Saturday, November 9th

8AM | Coffee / Sign Up

Scarf some snacks and coffee, sign up for a talk, and start the day lip-flappin’ with your fellow BarCampers.

9AM | Morning Talks Begin

We’ll start out the first round of talks promptly at 9am, so make sure you’re mellowed out and ready to learn!

12PM | Lunch & Networking

Soak up the good vibes with your new BarCamp friends and enjoy a stellar lunch.

1PM | Afternoon Talks Begin

At 1 PM, we’ll reconvene and chill for our afternoon session of ace talks!

5PM | Closing

It’s time to peace out! Tell your new friends to keep on keepin’ on, collect addresses for your new pen pals, and start getting psyched for next year. Don’t forget to pick up your friendship bracelet (sponsored by Bergman Incentives), and other BarCamp memorabilia from the merch table!


Wiggin’ out? We’ve got the skinny!

What am I paying $20 for?

Opening party / drink ticket, breakfast, soda & snacks, lunch, BarCamp t-shirt, friendship bracelet, good times / new friends (which is sorta priceless…)

How long are the talks?

Each talk runs for 23 minutes. Speakers are allowed to use that time however they wish—you can even share a time slot with multiple people or set up a panel discussion, allowing time for Q&A at the end. The last 7 minutes of every half-hour slot is reserved for transition time between talks.

Can I give a sales presentation?

Nope! To be respectful of our BarCamp community, sales presentations or pitches are not allowed. Don’t even try it, folks.

When do I get my BarCamp t-shirt?

Tees and friendship bracelets will be available on the day of BarCamp at the merch table. Though we try to purchase enough of each t-shirt size, we recommend picking your shirt up early in the morning just in case.

What should I bring?

Something to share with all of your new friends…a business card perhaps? We encourage you to bring a notebook for notes. If you’ve planned a talk with presentation slides, bring your laptop or an external drive with your files. And bring all your friends, because BarCamp is all about friendship this year!

What if I have a food allergy?

No sweat! We make sure everyone is included. If you have specific food allergies or restrictions, contact Will at and we’ll take care of you. Each year we work with our caterer to provide vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.


Our Sponsors

There's no way an event like BarCamp Omaha could happen every year at the quality it deserves to be for our commiunity. The following folks helped put BarCamp Omaha 2019 on. Please thank them!

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